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Massage Therapy

Rizzieri Aveda School of Massage relies on its unique blends of the arts and the sciences to formulate its curriculum.  We aim to reach the balance between eastern and western thoughts behind holistic wellness. We believe in client-centered care, instructing our students in techniques of relaxation and clinical approaches in a massage. Master the rituals that are exclusive to Aveda integrating both the art and science of bodywork, and teaching our students a well-rounded approach to promoting wellness as a lifestyle.


What makes Rizzieri curriculum unique?

  • We prepare our students to sit for the MBLEx – Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination
  • Our students learn both the “spa” approach and “medical” approach to massage therapy.
  • We are an Aveda concept school, so our curriculum includes rituals that are exclusive to Aveda integrating both the art and science of bodywork, and teaching our students a well-rounded approach to promoting wellness as a lifestyle.
  • Our program is inclusive of advanced modules, which are typically considered add-ons at other schools, such as:  Maternity.
  • Our student clinic mirrors a professional massage environment.  Our students work with ALL aspects of the business, including both front and back of the house operations, giving them exceptional insight and experience upon graduation.


tuition and start dates



Part-Time Class Start Dates:

March 12th

Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-8:30pm & Saturday 8:30am- 4:30pm


Base tuition - $11,850

Reg and Admin fees - $350

Student kit - $1,300

Total - $13,500


To qualify for a $500 grant contact the Admissions Office at 856-552-2273


Financial Aid is available to those who qualify!

Monthly payment plans and loans are available


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continuing education


Neuromuscular Therapy – 18 CEU


Muscular imbalances creates postural distortions. Learn how to analyze posture and determine which muscles are responsible for causing a client’s inefficient postural pattern.


Emphasis is placed on isolating individual muscles that attach to the pelvis. Locating and releasing trigger points is covered along with common referral patterns.


Prerequisite- Massage Certificate



Sports Massage – 18 CEU


Working with athletes and clients who engage in recreational fitness activities requires more extensive knowledge of the human body.  These techniques used vary from that of a Swedish massage.


Pre-event,  post-event and maintenance sports massage are covered. Learn how to determine which techniques best address an athlete’s condition. Specific athletic injuries and treatment are discussed.


The difference applications between heat and ice therapy are explained.


Prerequisite- Massage Certificate



MBLEX Study Group


This study group is designed to help any person who has graduated from a massage program looking to take the MBLEX exam in order to acquire their state license.  All are required to take the Introduction/Ethics class first before taking any other class in the study group. This class will be an introduction to  how the classes are designed, studying tips, how to apply for the exam, what to expect the day of the exam and Ethics. The MBLEX exam was designed to make sure all therapist entering the field of massage are properly trained, there for, the exam weighs heavily on Ethics. After taking the Introduction class, you may choose individual classes in subjects that will help you in preparing for the exam.


Introduction/Ethics- required


  • Kinesiology
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Massage Concepts
  • Pathology
  • Business





Aromatherapy relates to both benefits and therapeutic properties of pure essential oils. Learn methods of obtainment, selecting, storing and blending of essential oils. Application, benefits and uses will be discussed in detail.



Reiki –

Level I – 6 CEU


Reiki means- Universal Life Force. Reiki is an invitation to a new way of life, tapping into a larger system of universal energy that already flows within us and outside our bodies. The use of Reiki becomes a way of life that enhances spiritual practice, provides stress reduction, helps improve stagnant energy and balances emotions. At this level you will learn the basic hand positions and sequence to perform a Reiki session on yourself and others. At the end of the Reiki level I training you will be aligned with Reiki through the attunement process. This process will enhance awareness, intention and consciousness of the universal energy and spiritual wisdom.


Level II – 6 CEU


Reiki level II opens the door to a higher frequency of Reiki energy with the use of symbols and mantras.  These symbols are the key to a higher level of awareness that will further enhance your abilities as a Reiki practitioner. This level is defined by the focus of practicing Reiki on others. During this level you will also learn  the importance of Chakra’s within the body and demonstrate the ability to balance these energy centers. At the end of Reiki level II you will be aligned with the sacred symbols through the level II attunement process.


Prerequisite- Level I

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