Student Massage Therapy Clinics 

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Clinic Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30am-3:30pm


Elemental Nature Massage
Personalized blend of massage & aromas of Aveda Elemental Nature,
or the aroma of your choice.
                                              50 Minute Swedish                                      $35.00
                                              105 Minute Swedish                                    $65.00

Reflexology Treatment
Experience an ancient ritual that seeks to balance the body by affecting
reflex points along the feet, accompanied by a soothing foot soak and
salt scrub. 
                                              50 Minutes                                                   $40.00

Maternity Massage
Enjoy a relaxing escape during 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy to sooth
the mind, body & spirit of both mother and baby.
                                              50 Minutes                                                   $40.00

Stress Relief Wrap
A nurturing wrap that infuses the skin with moisture while relaxing the
mind, along with your choice of foot massage or neck and shoulder
                                              50 Minutes                                                   $45.00

Swedish & Reflexology Treatment
Enjoy a 45 minute reflexology treatment and a 60 minute massage to
complete your relaxing experience.
                                              105 Minutes                                                 $65.00

Add-On Services
Paraffin Hand Dip                           $3.00
Hot Stone Enrichment                    $6.00
Scalp Relieving Treatment             $6.00


8102 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees NJ 08043 

Located in the new Voorhees Town Center on the first floor below the Rizzieri Aveda Institute (the former Echelon Mall)

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