January 31, 2012

Meet Our Staff

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Elizabeth Picot grew up in Linden, NJ. She graduated from college with a Bachelors in Education. While looking for a teaching position, she took a course on massage therapy. It was at that point Liz realized how much she enjoyed the hands-on aspect of massage and the idea of helping people. She decided to become a certified massage therapist! To her, it seemed natural to pursue instructing as well. Becoming an instructor allowed Liz to mesh two things that she loves: teaching and massage.

Liz came to Rizzieri in June 2011, “I liked what the massage program offered and wanted to be a part of it.” Her favorite part of the job is the people – she enjoys the interactions with her co-workers and students. The most rewarding part of her job, Liz says, is watching the students grow in their technique and their confidence.

Liz offers this advice to potential students, “Massage therapy is a great field to be a part of with a growing number of opportunities within it. Being a massage student requires passion, dedication, and hard-work, but the reward at the end is indescribable.” Liz currently lives in Laurel Springs with her husband, Steve, daughter, Olivia, and their dog, Maggie.

January 24, 2012

Meet Our Staff

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Sherry Griffith didn’t always know that she wanted to be an instructor.  It wasn’t until she took a class in A&P, the instructor had left to become a therapist, and from the very first class she had fallen in love with teaching.  She had a degree in Medical Laboratory Science that was “collecting dust” and was grateful to put all her sience knowledge to use.

Ever since Sherry graduated college 15 years ago, she has had an interest in massage and skin.  That interest is what brought her to Rizzieri and in August 2009, she entered the skin care program followed by the massage therapy program in January 2010.  She has been teaching the science portion of the massage curriculum ever since graduation.

Sherry’s favorite part about her job is the students. “They make each day!” she said.  She added that she loves their enthusiasm and effort, especially when they rise above what they thought they couldn’t do!  The most rewarding part of the job, Sherry says, is “The ‘aha’ moment that students get when they understand a technical, science concept and the overal appreciation the students gain regarding the miracle fo the human body.”

If Sherry could give advice to any potential students she would say, “Organize your time and your effort for maximum return: set a schedule, stick to a study routine, expect to be challenged, and be willing to learn”.  Sherry currently lives in Mt. Holly.  She spends her winters in Burlington City and her summers in LBI.