January 18, 2012

Featured Product – Foot Relief

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Keep Your Feet Soft Throughout the Winter

If your feet have it rough, treat them to a soothing creme blended with active herbs, exfoliating fruit acids and plant derived oils like jojoba and castor.  Even tough, stressed feet are smoothed, cooled, and moisture-charged.

  • Invigorates sore and tired feet and legs
  • Softens and soothes calluses
  • Absorbs quickly
  • 4.2 fl oz – $20.00

November 17, 2010

The Five Elements Theory

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People have different Five Element weights in their Birth Chart. Each element implies one kind of personality. The Metal-type person is righteous, the Water-type person is smart, the Wood-type person is kind, the Fire-type person is polite and the Earth-type person is trustful. Because a person’s Birth Chart usually contains five elements, there will always be mixed personalities. If the weight of Metal is much higher than the other four elements, then the person should be very righteous. If the weights of Metal and Earth are much higher than the other three elements, then the person’s personality traits are righteous and trustful.Each element has a good and bad side of personality. If the weight of an element is between 30 and 90, that implies a good side of personality. If the weight of an element is less than 25 or greater than 95, that implies a bad side of personality. All other weights imply mixing the good and the bad side of the personality.

  1. Metal-type people are righteous, faithful, gallant and chivalrous. They like to know and help people.
  2. Water-type people are smart, wise, frank, and resourceful. They have good memories and think before they leap.
  3. Wood-type people are kind, steady, sympathy-sharing, understanding and gentle. They like to help people and make donations.
  4. Fire-type people are courteous, eloquent, polite and expressive. They are good at compliments in speech.
  5. Most Earth-type people are trustful, loyal and responsible. They are honest, and reliable.