February 23, 2011

Special Offers

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Rizzieri School of Massage, Marlton Has Special Offers!

Looking for a great massage in Marlton, but at an affordable price? The Rizzieri Massage School for the Healing Arts can help! Massage Marlton

1. Punch Card – First of all, we have a special “punch card” for our clients. Every time you visit you will receive a punch. After nine (9) punches, you will receive a free 50-minute massage in our Student Clinic!

2. Premier Card - Purchase the Premier Card for $45 and you will receive 25% off all services and 20% off products for one year, in our Student Clinic.

3. Military Special – With a military ID, you will receive 50% off services in the Student Clinic.

As you can see, there are lots of ways for you to receive a relaxing and affordable massage in Marlton!

February 21, 2011


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Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts, New Jersey Massage School

Rizzieri Massage Therapy School New JerseyAt the Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts we have a motto:  “Where you go depends on where you begin.” If you are looking for the finest massage therapy school in New Jersey, considered to be one of the best in the country, you won’t be disappointed with Rizzieri. The Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts is one of the most reputable massage schools in the area … a place where you can begin to prepare yourself for a career that is both personally and financially rewarding. We are conveniently located in Marlton, New Jersey, just minutes from Philadelphia and major highways.  Here you will find a creative environment for learning and developing skills, as you prepare for an exciting career in the growing profession of Massage Therapy.

We hope you take advantage of all we have to offer, as our dynamic program includes many benefits and opportunities for students to enjoy. We take pride in the success of our students, and look forward to counting you among the Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts successful alumni.

February 16, 2011

Easing Osteoarthritis with Massage Therapy

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Massage Marlton – Once you’ve experienced an amazing massage from your favorite spa in Marlton, NJ, there is no denying the many benefits of massage. Studies have shown massage to benefit everything from muscle tension to stress relief to mental processing. But did you know that massage from your favorite spa in Marlton frequently can also help relieve osteoarthritis?  Read the following article for more information.

Massage Therapy Helps Osteoarthritis – Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts in Marlton, NJ

Rizzieri Massage MarltonMassage therapy might be a good prescription for people with osteoarthritis, a new study suggests.

The cartilage that cushions the joints is constantly wearing away due to everyday activities and being replaced through healthy repair mechanisms. But as we age, the repair process slows down and the joint cushion thins. The result is osteoarthritis, marked by joint pain, stiffness, and physical disability.

As many as 21 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis, the most commonly reported chronic condition in elderly people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that osteoarthritis causes more physical disability than lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes, and annual costs associated with osteoarthritis are estimated at $60 billion.

February 15, 2011

Upcoming CE Classes

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CE Spring 2011

February 9, 2011

How to Choose a Massage Therapy School

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Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Massage Therapy School in New Jersey

First of all, when selecting a massage therapy school in New Jersey, or anywhere for that matter, make sure that you have the aptitude to become a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a great career for people with a warm, kind, and caring nature. Do you have that type of personality? If so and you look forward to treating people who are recovering from an illness or sports injury, or who need help in relaxing, then massage therapy is probably for you.Rizzieri Massage Therapy School in New Jersey

But if you want to become a massage therapist you need more than an empathetic outlook on life. Most massage therapy training covers topics such as physiology, biology, and anatomy, in addition to massage therapy techniques. So make sure that you have a background in these scientific areas as well as an aptitude to succeed in more advanced course work.

Attending a massage therapy school requires an investment of both time and money. So, you want to be sure that you choose the right school. Here are some tips that Sue Painter, L.M.T, a massage therapist and coach to other massage therapists, suggests:

1. Make sure the school you are considering will prepare you to meet all state and/or local licensing requirements.

2. Review staff qualifications and experience in both massage and instruction. Continue reading “How to Choose a Massage Therapy School” »